How often should you pee on a lemon tree

Did Burt Munro really pee on his Invercargill lemon tree?

how often should you pee on a lemon tree

First peeing on lemons is a long held folk wisdom for making them prosper. I don't have enough people to pee on 7, trees every day; but I do .. You should not "go" in one spot and saturate the soil there but rather.

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Depending on which gardening circles you hang with, the concept of urine in the garden may already have surfaced as a discussion topic. So what's the deal? Should you seriously pee on your peas, tinkle on your tomatoes, and take a leak on your lettuce? Well, not on them , exactly, but if you aren't using your urine in your garden and on your compost pile, you are, pardon my French, pissing away a free, valuable resource and missing out an easy way to help close the gaping hole in your household nutrient cycle. Using urine in the garden can help you cut your water use less flushing while also cleaning up the environment downstream no water-polluting fertilizer runoff.

Hi- Does anyone have an opinion about diluting human urine to use as fertilizer for citrus trees? Personally, I wouldn't use my own urine or DH's for that matter since both of us take prescription drugs. I'd be afraid that the drugs would be in the urine - and who knows WHAT they'd do to plants! Especially food plants! The tree is in the ground, and I've been using DH's "product" since he doesn't take any drugs I dilute to about 1 cup per 2 gallons, but my tree isn't happy. Thank you HoneyBee for the link -- very helpful gotta love wiki!

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. We know that urine can do a plant good. Certain plants like citrus trees will absolutely do well if you add urine to their intake. But urine is very high in nitrogen and could potentially "burn" the plant.

If you haven't tried it give it a go. Best fertiliser and its free! I will often pee in a old plastic jug and water the tree. Why pee once in the loo and.
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The dialogue goes like this: Burt Munro: Oh yes, ah, you can pee on my lemon tree for me if you like, while I'm away. And ah… looks at Tom who is shaking his head vigorously. Well, there's nothing wrong with peeing on your lemon tree. As Confucius used to say, it's the best natural fertiliser in the world. Tom: Who's Confucius? Burt Munro: Oh, he's some bloke who lives up in Dunedin.

Since this seems to be a recurrent issue; and as there is considerable disagreement as to whether to pee on your lemons or not, I will take this opportunity to add my opinions I hesitate to call it wisdom First peeing on lemons is a long held folk wisdom for making them prosper. To examine the issue scientifically, human urine contains urea nitrogen and is pH 6, so it tend to acidify the soil Some people use a little vinegar to acidify the soil acidifying increases the uptake of minerals ; as long as the vinegar is apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, or wine vinegar it basically provides acetic acid without any sugars which could enduce mold or attract ants Note, it is the methodology of producing the above vinegars that results in zero residual sugar. Commercially, i. Another factor, for me.. I don't have enough people to pee on 7, trees every day; but I do encourage workers to do so when they wish.

Why You Should Pee On Your Plants

To pee or not to pee... that is the question








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