What do you put in eggnog to spike it

5 Tips: Making the Best Eggnog

what do you put in eggnog to spike it

How to Make Boozy Eggnog

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Wondering about the best way to add a little alcohol to your eggnog this year? This expert-approved method is the only guide you need. Step 1: Raid your liquor cabinet wisely or head to your local bottle shop. While brandy is the most traditional add-in for eggnog, according to traditional recipes, the experts at Bottles recommend a mixture of dark rum and Cognac. Here's your golden ratio for pop-up holiday cheer: Bottles recommends a ratio of 1 part spirit to 5 parts prepared eggnog. Want us to make it even easier on you? If you buy a 1-quart container of eggnog, you should use 6.

If you agree, you're going to want to know the types of alcohol that go best with eggnog so you can start to stock up. You're going to want to greet this holiday season with a fully prepared liquor cabinet because is almost over, and considering it was the worst year ever, that is definitely something to celebrate. The milky, sweet, warmth of a glass of eggnog is the perfect after dinner treat. And because eggnog really only gets one month out of the year to shine, it's important to take advantage of its in-season while it's here. Because no matter how much you like the drink, you're probably not going be making them for yourself at any other time of year. A late summer night eggnog?

Of all the drinks we pour back during the holiday season, none feel so inextricably tied to the Christmas spirit as eggnog. Consider it a Christmas miracle, then, that whipping up a batch is almost as easy as drinking it. Americans have our big brothers across the pond to thank for this wintertime classic. All the way back in the 15th century, the Brits were guzzling down a beverage called posset , made from boiled milk curdled with alcohol typically wine or ale and flavored with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. Like fellow cold-weather cocktail the hot toddy, posset was widely considered a remedy for minor illnesses, which ought to tell you how little convincing it took for some of our ancestors to break out the booze.

11 Spiked Eggnog Recipes for Your Next Holiday Party

Will it be brandy, rum or whiskey in your eggnog this year? All are common liquors for eggnog, but which is the best? - Lost Lake , Chicago. Directions Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker.

Eggnog Taste Test: The Best Liquors For Spiking Your Holiday Drink

The holiday season has arrived and that means a perennial and polarizing holiday treat is back eggnog! Originally known as egg milk punch, or just milk punch, eggnog has been part of holiday traditions across the world for centuries. A mix of cream, egg whites, egg yolks, sugar, and booze, eggnog is a heavy, delicious treat when you need to warm your bones. Eggnog is a rich and full beverage on its own, but in our opinion, it is much, much better when booze has been added. Before we get to the specifics, though, we thought it important to talk about the latter half of the word nog. You should typically stick with dark, amber-colored spirits with a higher proof.

Posted on Dec 09, Eggnog tends to drive even the most dedicated of cocktalians to reach for the pre-made stuff. - Before you poke your hand into those needles and the needles poke back , pour yourself a present, ideally an eggnog cocktail. Rum: The classic is pretty hard to beat.

How to Spike Store-Bought Eggnog

Eggnog , like the holiday parties at which it is so often served, can be unbearable without alcohol. Even a sip of virgin eggnog can smother your mouth and throat with treacly sweetness for hours. But the spicy flavor and airy texture of distilled spirits cut straight through even the gummiest and most saccharine of eggnogs, transforming a vile concoction into the perfect drink for December. But what kind of liquor should you use for spiking your eggnog? Almost everyone agrees that brown liquors are the way to go, but beyond that, the consensus breaks down. Bourbon, cognac and dark rum each have vocal adherents, while others vote for some combination of two of those, or even all three. Faced with such differing opinions, HuffPost Taste decided to hold a Cocktail Taste Test to settle the question once and for all.





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