What happens after you take the abortion pill

Here's What It's Really Like to Take the Abortion Pill

what happens after you take the abortion pill

Abortion Back-Up Plan: Some Women Are Ordering Abortion Pills Online - NBC Left Field

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Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. Abortion is a common experience. In the U. Most abortions happen in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, and nearly all abortions 9 in 10 happen in the first trimester the first 12 weeks of pregnancy 3. Legal abortion is a safe and effective way to end a pregnancy 4,5.

In , the Food and Drug Administration approved a drug called Mifeprex, a brand of mifepristone. This non-surgical method of terminating pregnancy is known as medical abortion. In , medical abortions made up This second step sometimes also occurs in a medical center, but since the FDA changed its recommendations on abortion medication earlier this year, women in the U. She then returns to the clinic for a follow-up with her provider one to two weeks later. In the U. Medical abortions are non-invasive, requiring no anesthesia.

Credit: Tom Varco. One in three women in Britain will have an abortion at some point in their lives, but if it hasn't happened to you, you might not know much about the actual process. Outdated horror stories involving iron forceps still loom large in the public consciousness, when the majority of abortions today begin with taking a pill. There are two main types of abortion: medical using pills to induce a miscarriage and surgical where the pregnancy is removed during a minor operation. Exactly what happens and how long it takes varies from woman to woman, and, obviously, depends on how far into the pregnancy you are.

For pregnancies up to 10 weeks' gestation, you will take the first medicine mifepristone in clinic. You will take the second medicine, misoprostol either at home or in the clinic 1 or 2 days later. You will be given some antibiotics to take, pain medicine with instructions for use and advice on how to care for yourself. You will complete the abortion at home, whether you use the misoprostol in the clinic or at home. You may feel more at ease if you have someone with you for this process. You may have nausea or vomiting after taking mifepristone.

Back to Abortion. You won't usually need to stay in the clinic or hospital overnight, but you may need to attend several appointments on different days. Before having an abortion, you'll need to attend an assessment appointment at the hospital or clinic. When you're sure you want to go ahead with the abortion, you'll be asked to sign a consent form and a date for the abortion will be arranged. You can change your mind at any point up to the start of the procedure. But in exceptional circumstances an abortion can take place after 24 weeks for example, if there's a risk to life or there are problems with the baby's development. A medical abortion involves taking medication to end the pregnancy.

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