My period is over but i still have brown discharge

What causes brown discharge before a period?

my period is over but i still have brown discharge

But the good news is that brown discharge is simply old blood. Many women experience brown discharge before a period, when their flow is still very light and not It's especially common to have brown discharge around 2 days before your period. This discharge can last for a couple of days once your period is over.


Most likely, the discharge you are seeing is blood mixed with your ordinary "self-cleaning" discharge - giving it that brownish color that wasn't flushed out during your period. I've had this happen before and used a liner while it worked itself out. When I started taking the pill years ago, I experienced some breakthrough bleeding. It was spotty and red, but it kind of freaked me out until my doctor explained what was happening. I do know this, though: any unusual bleeding between periods is a reason to visit your healthcare professional.

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Just when you think your period is done, you wipe and find brown discharge. As frustrating — and possibly alarming — as it can be, brown discharge after your period is pretty normal. Brown discharge after a period is usually old or dried blood that was slow to leave your uterus. Blood that takes longer to exit your body becomes darker, often brown. It may also appear thicker, drier, and clumpier than regular blood.

Finding brown discharge on your underwear or when you wipe can be disconcerting. But the good news is that brown discharge is simply old blood. Fresh blood has a bright red color. But blood gets darker the longer it spends outside your blood vessels. When blood comes into contact with air, it goes through a process called oxidation.

Women's Health. The release of brown discharge is often caused by a small amount of old blood mixing with your normal vaginal discharge. This creates a brown tinge. The reason your discharge is brown in colour is because as blood ages, it turns from red to brown giving your discharge a light to dark brown colour. First things first, when it comes to brown discharge and you're thinking to yourself "what does it mean? In this article, I will be telling you everything you need to know about brown discharge and what it means. I will talk you through the causes, signs, symptoms and what to do if you see brown discharge.

Here at Ava, we take data—especially fertility and pregnancy data—very seriously. Our team is led by premier data scientists, obstetricians, gynecologists, and reproductive endocrinologists, many of whom hold Ph. Please confirm that you are a healthcare professional or researcher. I am interested in Ava for personal use. It can be disconcerting to notice brown vaginal discharge in your underwear or when you wipe. Brown discharge is usually related to spotting in the days before your period begins, or old blood from your period taking a bit longer to leave the uterus.

What Causes Brown Discharge and What Does it Mean?

We spoke with experts to find out. During your menstrual cycle , the lining of your uterus grows and thickens to support a possible pregnancy., There comes a time in most women's lives when she looks down at her underwear and wonders, What the actual eff is that?! Okay, maybe that's a little extreme.


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